North Antrim GAA Cultural


North Antrim GAA Cultural meeting Wed 14th June Shamrocks 7:30pm

Agenda as follows;

North Antrim GAA Cultural meeting

14 Meitheamh 2017,  Loch gCaol, 7.30pm / 14th June, Loughgiel 7.30pm


Leithscéalta / Apologies


Friday 7th July – Music, Song & Dance event – PR, Invites, Times


Saturday 8th July – Irish Language Event

Workshop, Classes, Conversation Group, Pop-up, C.L.G.

– Teachers, PR, Invites, Times


Future Events – Tráth na gCeist Bord / table quiz

          Talk / Lecture

Aon Gnó Eile


3 hours ago

Naomh Éanna CLG
Absolutely delighted to have Go Box Self Storage Ltd as part of our #100ClubStEndas we are encouraging all members to support the business that support our club. #NEA 💛🖤 ...
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2 days ago

Naomh Éanna CLG
The u12 camogs training on Sunday morning💪🏽 return to training has been a blast this week⚫️🟡 #gaa #camogie #returntoplay (via PRógCaitlinNE @caitlingodfrey7 ) ...
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4 days ago

Naomh Éanna CLG
Gerry Devlin pitch at Naomh Eanna almost ready for new pathway scoreboard and dugouts. ...
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