NÉ v Glenariffe


O’Neill’s ACHL Division 2 – Round 7 


Date: Wed 18 July 2018

Venue: Páirc Éanna

Time: 7 30 PM

Referee: Paul Hughes


Naomh Éanna v Glenariffe


We love our stories, telling yarns and conversations, some of the best are heard and told over the fence of club matches, it give us a chance to meet our friends and relations, to catch up on the latest news, local news and to tell stories, Naomh Éanna have their own story to tell, a club on the rise, developing and creating the structures for the future, a club that seeks to ensure that the community gets its chance to tell its stories through our Gaelic games.


The intermittent pattern of club matches throughout the season has been frustrating for many team, player and supporter, so last Wednesday evening the 18th July seen the Naomh Éanna hurlers take to the field against Glenariffe, one of the last times these teams played, was in the championship back in 2016,  it was an epic championship semi-final battle back in the intermediate competition, “On Saturday 27th August on a beautiful late summers afternoon, Brendan Toland refereed an exceptional match between these two teams, the game was played in Ruairí Ógs Grounds in Cushendall and the match was a ding dong affair of points and goals, long distance scores from frees and play, and both teams where level after full time and finished with Naomh Éanna having the upper hand after extra time, the final score was, Glenariffe Oisín CLG 4-18 V 1-29 Naomh Éanna.


Fast forward two years, division two hurling and no extra time this time as Naomh Éanna won another round. The referee for the match was Paul Hughes and the game as expected was a tight affair with the official recorded score being @Naomh Éanna 0.17, Glenariffe Oisín CLG 0.16, so with just the bear minimum separating the teams, the result gave the home team four wins from seven.

As per usual there was beautiful sunshine and not a breath of wind, it was perfect setting for hurling in Páirc Éanna, bhí an grian ag taitneamh (the sun was shining).


The first attack was from the home side and in the first minute Ollie Breen shot wide, but only just, however Glenariffe did open the score with a free from James Haughey and his free taking would have a big bearing on the match, NÉ 0.00, GA 0.01.

A side-line by Ollie Breen, gave Killian Jennings an opportunity to open his and the home sides account and that he did, NÉ 0.01, GA 0.01. As usual at six Manus Mullan’s influence and awareness was brilliant to see. In the first half Glenariffe won three ’65’s and scored only one, it was telling that for both teams the shorts and wides was high, this keeping the score at halftime to six points each.

But leadership always shines through and Ruairí Diamond caught a high ball and while on his stride made a delightful pass to Ollie Breen to double his teams tally to two and bring the score to, NÉ 0.02, GA 0.01.

A high ball in the middle and Philly Curran was first and highest to rise, his fine catch and inch perfect pass to Ruairí Crummey, allowed Crummey to shoot and score to make it, NÉ 0.03, GA 0.01, sixteen minutes played.

Killian Jennings would get his second on nineteen minutes to bring the score to, NÉ 0.04, GA 0.01 and the opportunity to drive on was there for the home side, but Alex O’Boyle opened his scoring account and brought the difference back to two, NÉ 0.04, GA 0.02 and Ciarán McKendry brought the score to the bear minimum, NÉ 0.04, GA 0.03.


The visitors would level (NÉ 0.04, GA 0.04), and then add another to go one ahead, (NÉ 0.04, GA 0.05), meanwhile changes to the home side saw Cormac Ross replace Aidan McGowan on twenty seven minutes played.

Cormac Jennings from a free brought it level again edging close to half time, NÉ 0.05, GA 0.05, and both teams would add one more each before the whistle for half time went, James Haughey would make it, (NÉ 0.05, GA 0.06) and Ruairí would bring it level, NÉ 0.06, GA 0.06.


Scór leath ama ag Páirc Éanna: –


Naomh Éanna 0.06

Glenariffe Oisín CLG 0.06


The beginning of the second half would continue as the first ended, both team would go at tit for tat, Haughey would add another for the visitors, NÉ 0.06, GA 0.07 and Aaron Cosgrove would make it NÉ 0.06, GA 0.08, and the introduction of John McGoldrick would see his addition with a response to the Glenariffe onslaught, NÉ 0.07, GA 0.08, but The big Glenariffe number eight would add a quick second, NÉ 0.07, GA 0.09.


A free to the home side saw John McGoldrick add his second and his teams eighth, NE 0.08, GA 0.09, the introduction of big Eoin Jennings brought physicality to the forward division and a third from McGoldrick saw the teams level, NÉ 0.09, GA 0.09.


Glenariffe continued to push and drive forward and Conor Patterson at six score his first to keep the Glens side ahead, NÉ 0.09, GA 0.10, McGoldrick would get a fourth on fourteen minutes of the second half, NÉ 0.10, GA 0.10, sides level and Philiy Curran would get his first a minute later to edge the home side in front, NÉ 0.11, GA 0.10.


There was no fear of either side getting any way forward and a free to the visitors converted by James Haughey would level the teams again, NÉ 0.11, GA 0.11, as the game moved from end to end, the positions were also very flexible and one of the game’s best scores came from the Naomh Éanna full back Matthew O’Hare who on eighteen minutes played made it, NÉ 0.12, GA 0.11.


Twenty one minutes of the second half and once again the teams where level after Alex O’Boyle got his second, NÉ 0.12, GA 0.12 and at midfield, Cormac Ross would step forward and edge his side ahead to make it, NÉ 0.13, GA 0.12, the score was tied again by a score from corner back Martin McAllister, NÉ 0.13, GA 0.13.


Another opportunity from a free and John McGoldrick would convert his fifth and restore the home sides lead, NÉ 0.14, GA 0.13, the other scorer in chief James Haughey brought the side level on twenty seven minutes played in the second half, NÉ 0.14, GA 0.14. as the time ticked away it was clear that a scorable free could be the difference, John McGoldrick from 65m made it, NÉ 0.15, GA 0.14, with two minutes of normal time remaining.

James Haughey would level again from a free in the final would see it level with one minute of normal time remaining, John McGoldrick would hit two late frees to end the match with a tally of eight and the final score to, NÉ 0.17, GA 0.15.


The final score at Páirc Éanna: –


Naomh Éanna 0.17

Glenariffe Oisín CLG 0.16

Naomh Éanna


      1. Martin Curran
      2. Michael “Eggy” McQuillan
      3. Matthew O’Hare
      4. Michael McNicholl
      5. Eddie O’Connor
      6. Manus Mullan
      7. Ruairí Diamond
      8. Cormac Jennings
      9. Aidan McGowan
      10. Philly Curran
      11. Ruairí Donaghy
      12. Ollie Breen
      13. Ruairí Crummey
      14. Killian Jennings
      15. Brendy Cormican


      1. Tiernan Curran
      2. John McGoldrick
      3. Michael McGivern
      4. Eoin Jennings
      5. Matthew Muldoon
      6. Cormac Ross
      7. Jason Higgins



      1. Seanan McToal,
      2. Niall Murray,
      3. Randal McDonnell,
      4. Martin McAlister,
      5. Shane O’Connor,
      6. Conor Patterson,
      7. Dan McKillop,
      8. Aaron Cosgrove,
      9. Michael Haughey,
      10. Daniel Haughey,
      11. Kieran McKendry,
      12. Alex O’Boyle,
      13. Alex McDonnell,
      14. Kevin McDonnell,
      15. James Haughey.



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