NÉ v Ahoghill


Sunday saw the first game of the second phase of the league, the game had been moved forward to half past one and took the place of the reserve match, which will be re-fixtured to 2nd September.

Naomh Éanna where in the hunt for points, to secure their return to division one and maintain the status after a dozen or so years, in the red and black corner, Naomh Mhuire Ahoghill where in the fight for their live to avoid regulations, with points up for grabs, this was the first of five games that would determine the outcome of who goes and who stays in division one.

As it happens the outcome was a reversal of the first result of the league for both teams, back in April a young new promoted Naomh Éanna headed to Clooney meadow and scalped the home team with plenty to spare, this time around on a closer margin, Ahoghill would snatch the result, securing precious point and possibly begin a recovery.

The final score was Naomh Éanna nine point and Ahoghill one goal and ten points.


Ruairí Scott opened the games scoring with a fine score, (NÉ 0.01, AG 0.00). this would be answered by the visitors and Patrick Graham open his account, (NÉ 0.01, AG 0.01), Mickey Morgan, (NÉ 0.02, AG 0.01) would add another for Naomh Éanna on six minutes and Ruairí Scott, (NÉ 0.03, AG 0.01) would get his second on eight minutes, Mickey Morgan would get his second about half way through the first half, (NÉ 0.04, AG 0.01), by this stage Naomh Éanna did look at team that could push on and win the match, however the rising tally of wides and balls into the keepers hands would come back to haunt the home

Again wides and missed chances would be a problem for the home team and it took ten minutes of no score before, county player Odhrán Eastwood would be the first of the full forward line to score and with the break closing in made it  (NÉ 0.06, AH 0.05).


Half-time at the Clooney

Naomh Éanna 0.06

Naomh Mhuire 0.05


Whatever was said in the Naomh Mhuire dressing room at half time worked, that along with the conditions helped, on Saturday Páirc Éanna witnessed a heavy spill of rain, by Sunday morning it was a light sprinkle of rain, so with slippy surface, Ahoghill seems to work better in the conditions, with Naomh Éanna leading for most of the match (barely), Ahoghill won a penalty and from the spot, the Ahoghill number Dónall Graham struck goal! The full forward would finish the match with 1-04, a penalty, three from frees and a point from play.


Odhrán Eastwood would open the scoring in the first minute of the second half, (NÉ 0.07, AH 0.05), it would be five minutes before Ahoghill could respond with a point from Fionbarr O’Neill, (NÉ 0.07, AH 0.06), the bare minimum again.


On the twelfth minute of the second half the awarding of a penalty and the goal from the full forward would be a turning point in the match, (NÉ 0.07, AH 1.06), Ahoghill lead for the first time in the match and sticking with the tried and tested defensive system closed up, closing and choking any opportunity for attacking play. Odhrán Eastwood would add another score from a free (NÉ 0.08, AH 1.06 closing the gap to one.


As the game closed in with fifteen minute to play, the ability of Ahoghill to convert scorable frees and converting from play made the difference, Two more unanswered points drove the score to, (NÉ 0.08, AH 1.08), before Eastwood scored another pointed free, (NÉ 0.09, AH 1.08) another point from a free, (NÉ 0.09, AH 1.09), and a final score from play, (NÉ 0.09, AH 1.10)


Looking back at the first half of the match the home team had every opportunity to pull well ahead and the statistic of 7 wides, this would come back to haunt them at the final whistle.


Final Score at Páirc Éanna

@NaomhÉannaCLG 0.09

Naomh Mhuire 1.10




Naomh Éanna

      1. Paddy Flood
      2. Diarmuid McNulty
      3. Killian Jennings
      4. Ryan Kennedy
      5. James McAuley
      6. Peter Healy
      7. Ciarán Thompson
      8. Philly Curran
      9. Ethan Gibson
      10. Mickey Morgan
      11. Ruairí Scott
      12. Cormac Eastwood
      13. Ciarán O’Neill
      14. Dónall Walsh
      15. Odhrán Eastwood


Gerard Crossey for Dónall Walsh

Stephen Flynn for Ciarán O’Neill


Naomh Mhuire Ahoghill


    1. Pearse Downey
    2. Conor Neeson
    3. Diarmuid Graham
    4. Bernard Graham
    5. Eamon Brady
    6. Dominic Neeson
    7. Justin Downey
    8. Sean O’Connell
    9. Thomas McGlone
    10. Patrick Graham
    11. James O’Connell
    12. Fionbarr O’Neill
    13. Eoin Graham
    14. Dónall Graham.
    15. Chris McGlone


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