Motions and Recommendations 2015



Motion 1

The All County Football league’s be restructured to the following structure for the 2016 season,

Div 1 will compromise of the teams in the Div 1 from the 2015 season plus the 2 top teams from Div making it a 12 team league.  2 teams will be relegated and 2 promoted at end of 2016 season.

Div 2 will compromise the remaining 8 teams from 2015 season plus the top 4 teams from Div 3 from 2015 season making it a 12 team league. 2 teams will be relegated and 2 promoted at end of 2016 season.

Div 3 will consist of the remaining teams.

Padraig Sarseil


Motion 2

That any team failing to field in a championship fixture from Minor to Senior be excluded from the following year’s championship in that code.

Ruairi Og


Motion 3

If possible, leagues are completed before the completion of the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Hurling and Football Championships.

Padraig Sarseil


Motion 4

The winners of the Christy Ring should be allowed to compete for the Liam McCarthy Cup in the same year that they winner the Christy Ring Competition

Fanaithe an Ghleanna



Recommendation 1

All Antrim Senior, Intermediate, Junior Football and Hurling championship games, up to, but not including, Semi Finals be played at the ground of the 1st team drawn out; (subject to that clubs ground meeting the required standard for a championship game). If the ground does not meet the required standard the Antrim CCC have the authority to select an alternative venue.

Naomh Eoin


Recommendation 2

Senior Reserve football fixtures start at the beginning of March and that there are no reserve fixtures during the month of July. (It is increasingly difficult to field 2 teams over the busy holiday period.)  Clubs then have to reorganise fixtures among themselves, opposed to having some flexibility in the fixture calendar

Naomh Gall

 Recommendation 3

That playing permissions can be granted for up to a maximum of two players at theU21 age grade if their home club cannot provide a team for this age group.

Ruairi Og


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