Croke Park Activity Day Fixtures


Antrim Croke Park Activity Day 2017 – Croke Park Guidelines

Saturday, 22nd of April 2017 – Games Schedule



No of Participants

09.30 – 11.00


240 +10 Mentors

11.15 – 12.45


264 + 48 Mentors

13.00 – 14.30


130 +12 Mentors

14.45 – 16.15


100 + 10 Mentors

16.30 – 18.00


186 + 32 Mentors

This year’s event is sponsored by Littlewoods Ireland.


  • Teams should ensure that they arrive in plenty of time to allow time to park buses and cars and to escort children into Croke Park for registration at 10.45am sharp.  Registration will take place to the right of the museum entrance.

  • Parking: Mentors and Team buses to park in the Outer Cusack Car Park.  Parking for family, friends and supporters is available in the Davin Car Park, parking is at car owners own risk. Entry to this car park is via St Margaret’s Avenue, which is off the North Circular Road.  Access to the ground will be via the bridge into the Davin Stand from the car park.

  • All players should be wearing their playing gear (under tracksuits etc) on arrival to Croke Park. Teams should proceed directly to the steps of the Cusack Stand (right of the museum entrance) where a County Board Coach will meet you.

  • The County Board coach will line the teams up for a possibly tour of the Croke Park Dressing Rooms.  Please arrive in plenty of time as matches will be starting on schedule and we cannot afford to wait for teams to come out of the changing rooms. Parents are not permitted to enter the changing rooms.

  • Club teams are recommended to leave their bags in the stand before entering the changing room.  If not, all clothing etc must be removed from the changing rooms and to be brought with you to the stand for safe keeping, while playing their games programme.

Playing your Games

  • Each club mentor must give Ciara Ferry a hard copy of the ‘Activity Day Consent Form’ for each child participating in the activity day Go Games.

  • Four pitches will be lined across the pitch (side line to sideline), pitch 1 starting at Canal End and the other pitches moving towards Hill 16. Cones will be used to identify the sidelines and there will be space between each pitch for mentors.  

  • Each team can have a maximum of 11 players and 2 mentors allowed to participate in this event.  If you bring more than 11 players, they will be asked to sit in the stand for all the matches, no exceptions.  Also, the club will not be allowed to enter a team the following year.  

  • Club Mentors must bring and wear bibs during the blitz.  Any mentor not wearing a bib will not be allowed on the pitch.

  • Spectators are not permitted on to the Croke Park pitch at any time and will be restricted to the spectator accommodation in the stands only.  Photographs can be taken from the stand and there will be a dedicated area for team/group photographs either immediately before or after the blitz.  

  • Littlewoods Ireland will have a photographer on site during the day and photos will be made available to Ulster GAA after the event.  No other photographers will be permitted to enter the pitch.

Rules of the Games

  • The games will be played under the Go Games Rules – Smart Touch (see email attachments for football and hurling rules):

  • Only difference is 12 minutes per game, no half-time

  • Referees will be a mentor from the team that is not playing.  Each team will have a turn refereeing.  


  • Littlewoods Ireland will have a welcome lounge for parents in the Davin Stand, where they can have a complimentary tea/coffee on arrival at Section 416

  • It is recommended that, where necessary, children should bring their own packed lunch.  However there will be a snack unit opened at section 307 of the Cusack Stand where food can be purchased.  

  • Should counties wish to eat on site, then they should proceed to section 401, again in the Cusack Stand, where there will be an area made available to eat packed lunches.   

  • Please ensure to use the bins provided and to clear up any mess before leaving this area.

Museum & Stadium Tours

  • Groups taking the tour should meet at section 306 in the Cusack Stand concourse.  Please do not meet at the Museum entrance or enter the museum.  Due to Easter Holidays it is anticipated the museum will be busier than normal.

  • There will be two mentors per team and strictly no family, brothers, sister etc allowed. 13 stickers will be given to each team to wear, not sticker, no tour.

  • Mentors are expected to act in a supervisory capacity and assist the tour guide with the group.

  • Please meet Ciara Ferry at section 306 at 12.20 for football teams and 1.05 for hurling teams.

  • Pease let Parents and bus driver know that the tour will be approx 60 minutes.

  • If parents or siblings would like a tour it is recommended you book the tour in advance.


  • At the end of your county’s allotted time on the pitch Littlewoods Ireland will give each child a goody bag, which will include a jersey.  Jerseys are ‘one size fits all’ and no exchanges can be made. 

  • Strictly 11 bags per team will be given to each mentor. There will be no additional goody bags will be made available.  So remember only 11 players per team is permitted.

First Aid

  • Ambulance located at the Cusack/Hill Pitch Entrance and 2 EMT trained personnel will also be on site.

Antrim Staff on Duty

Ciara Ferry – 075 45434967

Please follow the directions of the Croke Park stewards at all times, and above all else have a great day at the headquarters of the GAA.   


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